Customer Case Study – Dan Cocker

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How far do you live from the self store? I have always lived local to Ashton Self Store and live just a 5 minute drive away just based off Ashton Moss in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

How often do you visit the store? I use the store everyday near enough mainly I have stock coming in and stock going out.

What size unit do you use? 300 square feet

How do you organise your stock? To organise stock I have put racking up to store all the stock and equipment,

Did you begin with a self store unit or at home? I started with a garage which wasn’t very secure and it got broken into . After that we searched all around all of the self storage businesses and chose Ashton Self Store . We started with 100 sqft in the store and then changed and varied in size. From that we then moved into the drive in which is really convenient as I can drive my car right up to the doors.

Have you had to increase your unit size since you started? Since we have moved into the 300 sqft unit we have already been short on space and I think come Christmas we will have issues with storage as in the fact of running out of space. I’m confident that Ashton Self Store will find a larger unit for us.

What do you sell on EBay/Amazon? Dannys mega stores on ebay Dannys clearance online on Facebook mainly, however I also do markets.

How long have you been selling for? I have been selling since I was 13 with my Dad and then grown this into a business.

Is it your full time occupation or a hobby? Alongisde buying and selling I am also a childrens’ entertainer and run an events company

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