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How secure is my self storage unit?

Our storage units are built to keep your contents secure and dry. The units are individually alarmed and secured with a padlock to which only you will have the key. We have surveillance 24 hours a day and the entire premises is monitored by a state of the art digital CCTV system. In addition to this only our customers are permitted entry to the storage unit location.

What can I store in my self storage unit?

We permit customers to store almost anything they like in the units. However there are a few restrictions in the interest of Health & Safety and the comfort of other customers. Full details of these restrictions can be obtained from a member of our team either via a phone call or on-site or on the proceeding page.

What size storage do I need?

It varies from person to person depending on how much you wish to store. The easiest way to find out is to use a Space Calculator to obtain an approximation of the size you require and then contact a member of our team to find the nearest match we have available.

I have some large/heavy items, can I get help to move these?

We have a 2000kgs goods / passenger lift and trolleys and it may be possible to arrange for a member of staff on site to help you move large and/or heavy items. Please note that the first floor loading must not exceed 500kgs per sq metre (120lbs per sq ft).

Can I store commercial items?

Yes, we provide storage for both domestic and commercial use. Providing the items stored fall within our guidelines we are quite happy to offer a storage unit for commercial purposes. Please be aware that if you are using a storage unit to store surplus stock you will need to obtain your own insurance to cover this.

What about insurance?

We require that all goods placed in our store be fully insured. This may be with a third party or with ourselves at a competitive rate. Please note that the majority of domestic insurance cover does not include the storage of goods away from home.

Can I change my storage size?

Yes, providing there is an available container there should be no trouble in upgrading/downsizing the size of your storage to suit your needs.

How long can I have the self storage unit for?

Payment is taken on a rolling basis. Providing you keep up payments on your unit you can rent it indefinitely. If there is a reason that requires you to remove the contents of your storage unit we will contact you.

What if I fail to make payment?

In the circumstance where payment has not been recieved after we have tried to contact you your storage unit may be locked/sealed by a member of our team until sufficient payment can be made. Further details of this situation can be obtained via a member of our team.

Do I need to bring identification with me?

We do request that when obtaining a contract for a storage unit that you bring with you 2 forms of identification (e.g. Driving Licence, Utility Bills, Passport, Bank Statement, etc)

Can I put non-legal/dangerous items in self storage?

No, we do not permit any customer to store an item which would be classed as illegal/dangerous or hazardous. The Customs Authority or the Police are entitled to inspect our site with equipment to detect illegal/hazardous/dangerous goods. If such items are detected we are bound by law to comply with any order to forcibly open suspected containers and pass requested information onto the authorities.

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